Viewpoint™ is the methodology applied by your Energistics Energy Advisor to ensure that your company's energy plan is built on a total 360-degree understanding of energy purchase dynamics. By following the Viewpoint™ process, accessing a network of suppliers and considering your consultant's expert insights— you'll get the perfect purchase for your business or institution.

Business Review

The best contracts are built around your business. So first we'll review your overall business dynamics as they are today, as well as explore future plans for growth, change and expansion.

Energy Review

Next we'll analyze your current and predicted energy usage, applying a variety of basic auditing, forensic analysis and predictive modeling techniques. All with the help of an experienced analyst and a number of comparative case studies.

Market Review

We'll analyze the current market for electricity or natural gas, with an eye towards energy prices and terms, as well as which supplier options might be best for your specific business.

Option Review

After reviewing the market in full, your Energistics Energy Advisor will then shortlist a handful of select plans that could help meet your business and energy needs. Each will be presented in detail.

Contract Review

Next we'll gain consensus on a specific contract. Then we'll step back and review your plan and rates to ensure total clarity around the product and how it will work. Buyers will now have 100% confidence in what they're buying and why.

Ongoing support

Energistics will also provide future support regarding billing issues, re-negotiations, changes in business needs or other concerns with your electricity or natural gas purchase throughout the life of the contract.