Why use an
energy broker?

Whether you’re buying for a large, multi-location commercial retail organization or small town school district, the market changes every day, and seemingly small differences in contracts can sometimes have far-reaching budgetary impacts.

Getting expert representation for your electricity or natural gas purchase allows you to manage the risks and complexities of energy markets, contracts, comparisons and services in a way that's most appropriate for your organization.

Recommendation From
Competitive Retailers

Our Energy Advisors have in-depth understanding of each electricity and natural gas supplier—their contract features, flexibility with certain terms, etc. So they're perfectly positioned to find the best fit for your business.

Complex legalese
made simple

Energy markets and contracts are complex even to those who've been in the industry for many years. We’ll work hard on your behalf to negotiate the best contract for you, streamlining the process along the way.

Total purchase understanding

There's nothing more stressful than not knowing if you've made the right choice. With your comprehensive Viewpoint™ process, you'll know you've done a thorough job.

Ongoing contract

Our customer-centric model gives you peace of mind through ongoing support. That means monitoring the lifecycle of your energy service needs, and helping modify your service accordingly as you grow and change.